Snack Bar Sample Pack (1/Flavor)


Mint Chocolate Moon- satisfy your sweet tooth and soothe your soul!

MINT is a wonderful palate cleanser! Mint improves digestion, balances internal heat and activates creativity in the subconscious mind. Mint is so COOL. 

CACOA NIBS are chocolatey crunchy bits made from a cacao pod. Cacao is a grand source of iron and exceeds calcium in milk! Cacao also takes great care of your moods and trains your brain to FEEL GOOD NOW. 

ALMONDS are an excellent source of protein and fiber to improve blood sugar balance. Almonds are rich in antioxidants improving cardiovascular health and metabolism. Energetically, almonds grow on trees and like anything up in the air, we see our ability to STAY FLY! 

BUCKWHEAT GROATS are a gluten free super fruit seed high in protein and fiber. Buckwheat groats paired with stress will aim to regulate blood pressure. Buckwheat is a YANG food, a masculine energy balancing the feminine or YIN. How great is that! 

CARROT CAKE LOVERS- have your cake and eat it too! 

WALNUTS have a brain-like design and ironically are a super power food for mental health! Walnuts contain neuro-protective compounds such as melatonin, antioxidants and folate, enhancing brain health.

CARROTS contain beta-carotenes and foods high in this carotenoid improve immunity, protect the skin and guard cells from free-radical oxidation. 

OATS are naturally gluten-free, although, are often processed in facilities that contain wheat. Our oats are free from gluten, high in fiber and rich in magnesium. This perfect food will relax your bowels and keep your “moves”, smooth! 

COCONUT OIL is natures finest lubricant. Mmm sounds yummy, right?! It is. Nourishing organ health from the inside out is important! Improving HDL, or healthy cholesterol leading to lowered risks of heart disease and contributing to weight-loss. 

PUMPKIN PLANT-POWER is more than a seasonal flavor, we love the benefits of pumpkin ALL year!!

PUMPKIN is high in the amino acid lysine -improving muscle recovery and converting fat into energy. Pumpkin is also high in zinc, a powerful antioxidant for radiant beauty.  

CASHEWS are high in phosphorus, improving bone and teeth health. As a source of dietary iron, cashews aid in transferring oxygen around the body leading to increased immune function.

COCONUT BUTTER is high in lauric acid – fighting harmful bacteria, virus and fungus. High in medium-chain fatty acids, coconut butter is a super food for the immune system and reduces the risks of disease.

CINNAMON is abundant in antioxidants known as polyphenols to promote anti-aging. Cinnamon has high levels of flavonoids which may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Cinnamon enhances blood sugar balance leading to weight-management.

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