PUMPKIN PLANT-POWER is more than a seasonal flavor, we love the benefits of pumpkin ALL year!!

PUMPKIN is high in the amino acid lysine -improving muscle recovery and converting fat into energy. Pumpkin is also high in zinc, a powerful antioxidant for radiant beauty.  

CASHEWS are high in phosphorus, improving bone and teeth health. As a source of dietary iron, cashews aid in transferring oxygen around the body leading to increased immune function.

COCONUT BUTTER is high in lauric acid – fighting harmful bacteria, virus and fungus. High in medium-chain fatty acids, coconut butter is a super food for the immune system and reduces the risks of disease.

CINNAMON is abundant in antioxidants known as polyphenols to promote anti-aging. Cinnamon has high levels of flavonoids which may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Cinnamon enhances blood sugar balance leading to weight-management.

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