CARROT CAKE LOVERS- have your cake and eat it too! 

WALNUTS have a brain-like design and ironically are a super power food for mental health! Walnuts contain neuro-protective compounds such as melatonin, antioxidants and folate, enhancing brain health.

CARROTS contain beta-carotenes and foods high in this carotenoid improve immunity, protect the skin and guard cells from free-radical oxidation.

OATS are naturally gluten-free, although, are often processed in facilities that contain wheat. Our oats are free from gluten, high in fiber and rich in magnesium. This perfect food will relax your bowels and keep your “moves”, smooth!

COCONUT OIL is natures finest gift to organ health by improving intestinal flora and the lauric acid is great at fighting bacteria, eliminating viruses, and disrupting fungal and parasitic growth. Coconut oil improves HDL, or healthy cholesterol leading to lowered risks of heart disease and contributing to weight-loss.

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