On Food

You are what you eat and you are what you do not eliminate…
Gross, right? It’s true!Garden stand sharpened Think about it. If you’re indulging habitually on sugar, preservative rich foods, enhanced colored packaged snacks, hormone rich meats and non-organic animal products, you’re body is toxic.

Food choices give you energy or take it away…
Foods can be fuel for our vitality or fuel for the cancer cells.

Our food is our culture, uniting or dividing us, just as flavors do…
When we overcome unhealthy eating addictions, we move closer to what we truly desire- inner harmony. On a cellular level. We begin again. Our bodies start to crave vegetables, fresh juices and foods that promote our internal peace.

Just as a relationship grows deeper, wiser and more fulfilling with dedication to growth, so does our body align as we take in more nutritious foods. Everyone has the ability to choose foods that promote great wellness within.

America has over 49 million citizens living in poverty with food. What does that mean? It means they are eating junk, preservative rich, and cheap packaged food that is affordable and completely addictive.

Unfortunately, the harmful packaged foods have created a health epidemic in our society where over 250 million Americans are overweight or obese. Did you ever think about how many people die based on this statistic every year from a disease related to an unhealthy lifestyle? Over 350,000 Americans die each year as a victim to the sicknesses caused by imbalances in the diet and lifestyle.

You are born to THRIVE in America, and create peace in your body and mind…to be an inspiration for others…that starts with your food choices. 

Good nutrition does not have a label, or a stamp, or come in boxes and plastic containers. Whole, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains, are pure and are affordable.

Local farmers markets are a great marketplace to find pesticide-free farms who aren’t necessarily Organic Certified, although, they have ethical practices without pesticides.

Did you know that Americans have the highest amount (over 80%) of people purchasing weight- loss products in the world?
If you’re eating packaged food, chips, cookies, candy and soda, I’m giving you an opportunity to learn how to live a fulfilling life, wake up with a purpose to make a difference, keep a lifestyle that makes you feel good, and without the pills or potions. Most importantly, a life you love!

Let’s get back to the basics. Happiness does not come from the pharmacy.
More than 70% of adults across America are diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases and over 80% of the nations healthcare costs are spent managing conditions, by treating the diagnosis. Strange right?

We cannot sustain a culture of people feeling ill, loosing happiness to the work place, risking disease and ending up with unsatisfactory. We need to bring back vitality, HAPPY, healthy and clean living. Businesses are changing, we are seeing a new generation of population fueled by passionate people, living well on the inside and out. With awareness in our food choices, household products, beauty products, better business practices and supporting local vendors, we are destined to create a lifetime that will positively impact one another.

Have you ever thought of your body as your business? It is!
When YOU are thriving, isn’t everything around you?
When you are feeling fit and fancy in your own ways, how is your experience with others?
How is your experience with yourself when you feel good?
We need to lift each other UP, and by doing that, it begins with YOU.

BE YOUR BEST YOU.jpg Breakfast furious rounded corner 1
Begin your transformation with cleaner food choices and I promise, when you cut out the junk, you will also melt away stomach fat, fatigue and foggy brain that’s keeping you from your ultimate potential.

The greatest gift you will ever give yourself is to have self-love, self-care, and increase your attention to lifestyle and whole food choices. YOU are worth the investment, YOU will make a difference in your home and by YOUR healthy choices, YOU will impact others to do the same…be the change.

You are not a bad health statistic. I don’t care how fat, unhealthy or unhappy you are today, there is hope for your life, there is wellness for your body, mind, and spirit. There is a brighter day for you starting right now!