Kate was recommended by a friend of mine to help me establish healthier eating habits. So I hired her to teach me how to prepare food in my home. I’ll never forget the day we cleaned out my pantry….her signature “Pantry Purge” project. She filled an entire trash can with “unhealthy” choices and replaced my entire kitchen with healthy organic foods.

She cooked delicious entrees, created amazing, colorful salads in mason jars for me to take to the office and made the most delicious fresh almond milk ever!

Her passion for food and clean eating has changed the way I eat & live. Kate’s energy and joy for life are contagious and inspiring.

Terri Gick
me & my BIG ideas, Inc.

Working with Kate Von is fun!

I followed her personalized 12-day plant-based diet that included delicious meals, salads, soups, shakes, snacks, mocktails and more!
All of her foods were prepared,organized, labeled and served in a beautiful way.

I learned how to improve my daily habits, like changing to a new coffee creamer without corn syrup. She prepared her “FIT” & “BEAUTY” snack bites, cowgirl nut milks, delicious salad dressings and even included spa care with essential detox baths.

Everything Kate prepares is from scratch. She is an artist with great style and presentation. I hosted a cocktail party with all of Kate’s plant-based foods. It was truly amazing. Her meatless “meatballs” are pretty much my favorite!

During the program, Kate performed her “Pantry Purge”, to clean out the junk foods, while adding in new alternative products. The pantry looked like a grocery store! It was perfectly arranged with healthier options. We had new pancake mix, chips, nuts, snacks, cereals, oatmeal, cookies, candy…even organic microwavable popcorn! Tons of variety.

Thanks to Kate’s desire to share her knowledge, I learned so much in a short period of time. It was a refreshing blast of energy. Kate’s happiness and joy is a blessing to experience and reminded me that self-care is the best care. When she suggested a plant based diet, I wasn’t sure that would be satisfying or easy to do and ultimately, it was.


Marla Paxson
Home Shopping Network

Kate Von is the epitome of joy and when you’re with her, she is completely present. She is a powerhouse whose love and aliveness for life is contagious. What you see is what you get with Kate. She’s the real deal — an organic super-chef whose dishes are just as sweet and spicy as she is…

Kerry Lee Smith
High Performance Consultant

I had the privilege of being one of Kate’s instructors at Bauman College. Kate brings her enthusiasm to all that she does and was a joy to have in class. She proved to be a bright and intelligent student and received grades in the top percentile.

Bauman College, School of Holistic Nutrition prides itself on a rigorous curriculum and high standards for its students. Upon completion of the Nutrition Consultant program, students receive a certification issued by the state of California. The Nutrition Consultant program trains students to teach individuals, families and groups about the principles of nutrition and natural health. Our students develop skills to assess nutritional needs, develop healthy dietary guidelines and learn about healthy cooking.

Throughout the course they must demonstrate their skills in the areas of recipe formulation, healing foods/diets, individual counseling, teaching and community presentations. I believe that Kate will do well in any of those positions.

Susan Arthur
Bauman College NC Instructor

Kate is consistently pleasant, tackling all challenges with dedication and a smile.
I was Kate’s personal trainer for several years and her passion for life and health is infectious.

Besides being a joy to work with, Kate is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and
communicate the benefits. She has successfully helped to developed several marketing plans for my fitness company that have resulted in increasing my client base. The new client base was a direct result of the plans implemented by Kate. She has a proven ability to work with high profile clients in high profile environments.

Though she is a dedicated worker and born leader, Kate is most importantly an inspiring and motivating person of high character. She radiates positive energy and I am proud to have her as a client.

Charles Katrell
Celebrity Personal Trainer

Kate took care of my life while I was working and traveling 40 weeks out of the year. Kate is a ray of sunshine and does everything with passion. Her integrity is rock solid. She will always do what she says she is going to do. Her personality made it so that everyone visiting me or staying in my house while I was not there, loved her and was completely taken care off. I was able to work and travel without any worry. Kate was the best assistant ever.

Marie-Jose Kaasenbrood
OTC- International Executive Consultant

Kate’s passion for quality food is extremely sincere! She is a pleasure to mingle with as well. Highly recommended!

Jerald Larkey
Motorola Solutions