I have spent countless hours working with children, inspiring the benefits of conscious choice making and being an example for them to follow.KATe-in-School
Working with children is one of my greatest joys in life, and my expertise in speaking to their listening creates results.

Connecting to children positively creates a brighter future and kids need to learn the tools necessary to ensure success in all they do, and most importantly, become leaders in living a life to love.

51 million youth attend public schools each year and the federal government has a variety of rules and regulations that apply to school lunches. These mandatory regulations ensure that healthy meals are available in school, although, in reality, what ends up on the plate of these young ones isn’t always the Ivy League Lunch Box. One unhealthy junk meal on occasion is not going to have poor effects for life, although, the issue is that kids are eating these meals for YEARS and it continues into unhealthy habits in adulthood. Children become addicted to sugary foods, wheat, dairy and other stimulating packaged snacks that are enhanced with harmful preservatives.

The physical and mental health of our children is critical for their success in today’s world, and especially living in a culture that demands critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving.
Red 40. Every child loves a red velvet cupcake and those peanut butter filled crackers. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Red 40 can cause allergic reactions and intense hyperactivity in children.

Foods that aren’t red or orange can still include Red 40.
Commonly found in cheeses, peanut butter crackers, salad dressings, candy, chips and marshmallows.

How many children do you know that are suffering from “Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says that 11% of American children, ages 4 to 17, have the attention disorder. That’s an increase of 42% in the past eight years.

Yikes! I have worked with children in this category and under my ADHD Elimination Diet, that includes avoiding sugary soft drinks, dairy and preservative rich foods, they have been able to stabilize and concentrate normally again, and without a prescription.

Schools across America are in need of Nutrition Education and most importantly, inspiration for our youth to make better choices.
We are living in a Health Revolution. With public speaking being one of my greatest talents, working with children IN-SCHOOL, is a way to continue the conversation of wellness for generations to come.
Current topics for my IN-SCHOOL Nutrition Education include the following list and upon request, presentation summary’s are available.

• Ivy League Lunch Box + your food choices matter for your success in the world
• Let’s Look @ Labels + reading ingredients and becoming aware of what you are putting into your body
• Peer Pressure + being cool doesn’t mean you have to drink the Kool-Aid, let’s looks at healthier alternatives
• Athlete & Sports Nutrition + discover superfoods to become the best athlete at school and use food as fuel to gain stamina
• Mind, Body & Spirit Connection + mindfulness and communicating with peers in a positive manner that promotes unity at school
• JeaLOUSY Out, EmPOWERment In + looking into individuality, unique expression and purpose that youth can create NOW for success

Please apply for my IN-SCHOOL Nutrition Education by sending your requests to me directly by filling out the simple application below.