About Kate

Crowned by a giant cereal bowl atop her head by the Food Network, Kate Von has been recognized by her entertaining abilities and performances on The Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Camp Cutthroat”.

Her spirited and healthy perspective on food, travel and lifestyle is a journey filled with passion. Her mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle that begins at home.

As a Consultant, Kate has partnered with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, as well as high powered business people, politicians and rock stars, while traveling the world. One of her favorite destinations is South Africa, and discovering the unique island culture off the coast of Zanzibar.

Preparing food as well as “life”, comes naturally to Kate. Raised by a traditional German family in the Midwest, with a stay at home mother and an entrepreneurial father, values were created on a foundation of quality. Meals were cooked by her mother and Kate learned how to prepare foods from scratch.

Her father grew a huge garden. He even kept bees in the backyard as a hobby, and still does to this day. Life as a child was all about family, siblings, travel and having fun together. Kate entered pie contests, and won them. She was often found eating garden salad while the family enjoyed being carnivores. Kate’s formal values, strong work ethic and immpeccable standards have brought her to an exciting life to share with others. Her happiest moments are always in the kitchen, especially making cream puffs with Mom.

At fourteen years old, Kate became sensitive to the traditional comfort food and intolerant to gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy and oats. This was a challenge and especially hard because there were minimal gluten-free options available in the marketplace. Kate stayed optimistic and became an expert by learning how to cook for her personal needs of clean eating. This eventually led to her vegan food brand, Kate’s Choice, Eat Happy Food!

Kate’s nutritional postings have been featured in various publications, including The Huffington Post, Long Island Pulse Magazine, New Beauty Magazine, Univision, The Today Show and more. She has private agents that connect her to clientele where she quickly enhances the home, to become happier, healthier and more fulfilling.